Marina Facilities

Brickyard Cove Marina offers slip rentals for both boats in the water, as well as, trailered boats. Coming from a sailing background, our managers are thrilled to see the 250 water slips and 120 dry slips actively being used. Our harbor opens directly into clear optimal sailing waters providing quick access for racing or day-sailing. Brickyard Cove Marina’s water slips range from 28’ side ties to 55’ double finger slips. The dry slips can accommodate trailers as long as 30’ and wide as 10’ for boats with a maximum weight of 4,500 pounds, or 2.01 tons.

Water Slip Amenities:

  • Newly Installed Docks
  • Aluminum Docks
  • Electrical – marine grade 30 amp connector with a 20 amp breaker
  • Water hook up
  • Free WiFi for our boaters
  • Bathrooms with shower behind the locked dock gate
  • Coin Laundry
  • Free Parking

Dry Slip Amenities:

  • Access to 2 hoists, self service for launching flexibility
  • Designed to lift with a single point lifting apparatus
  • Maximum weight for our largest hoist is 4,500 lbs
  • Use of 2 electric carts for trailer towing
  • Several standard 110 electrical receptacle for shared day use
  • Several nozzles located throughout dry slip parking areas
  • Bathrooms with shower behind locked water slip dock gates
  • Coin Laundry
  • Free Parking

Slip Rates

Double LoadedSingle Loaded
Berth Size
Monthly Rate$/footMonthly Rate$/foot
$416.25 $11.25
$575.75 $12.25
Beam ≤ 20ftBeam > 20ft
or Multihull
End Tie
Side Tie
Dry Storage
Prices effective: January 1, 2019
Berth SizeMonthly Rate1st PersonAdditional Person
Boat & Trailer ≤ 30ft$143.00 $175.00$100.00
Boat & Trailer > 30ft
& Hoist Yard Location

Note: End Tie and Side Tie rates will be calculated based on the available length of the dock or the length overall of the boat, whichever is greatest. Liveaboard fees will be based on the length overall of the boat.

Other ItemsCost
Card Key Purchases$11/key
Guest Slips$30/night

Storage UnitsMonthly Rent
Indoor Storage UnitsCall Marina office for
current pricing.

Beam Sizes

Please note that boats must fit completely within their slips with no extensions overhanging the docks or fairways. Fenders in compression under static conditions indicate that the boat is too wide for the berth. Boats will be inspected upon arrival to ensure that they fit in their assigned slips. If the boat is too large, we will put it on the waitlist for the correct size based on original waitlist entry date.