Tenants & Boaters

Brickyard Cove Marina has many services to offer our boat tenants, as well as, our office tenants.

Storage Lockers:
Brickyard Cove Marina has indoor storage solutions to offer our tenants. Our indoor storage lockers are secure and weather controlled and are optimal for business files, spare boat parts, or tools.

Laundry Facilities:
Brickyard Cove Marina offers onsite coin operated laundry facilities to its boaters. The laundry room is located at the A-B-C dock entrance. The lending library is located in the laundry room, if you ever wish to donate a book or stop in for reading material while visiting your boat. There is an additional lending library at the D-E-F dock entrance as well.

Around The Clock Maintenance and Support:
Brickyard Cove Marina has organized seven very dedicated and involved staff members, including: office staff, maintenance, and janitorial. We are open 7 days a week and are on call in the evenings for urgent assistance. We take very great pride in the Marina and consider it our home. Two of our staff actually live aboard their boats here at Brickyard Cove Marina, they personally use all of our services, ensuring nothing gets missed or neglected.

Business Diversity:
Brickyard Cove has four businesses in the marine industry located on site, which is an enormous advantage for keeping your boat maintained properly. We have a rigger, two brokers, a sail maker, and a refrigeration and cooling specialist. All of these businesses work directly with our boaters every day.

Approved Contractors:
To avoid uninsured contractors working on our property our office staff has organized a list in the Marina Office of all the contractors who have provided us with proper insurance. If you would like to come see the list for ideas on who to hire to work on your boat please stop in. In addition, if you have a contractor you like to use who is not on the list please have them stop by the office to fill out the needed paperwork to become approved.